Story of Healing

Mallory Lewis

Red River Parish


"I was tempted to drive to Houston, Dallas, or pretty much anywhere to figure out what exactly was going on."

New diet? That’s no problem for this almost 13-year-old. 

Mallory Lewis, from Red River Parish, was born on February 5, 2009. When mom, Katie, was pregnant, doctors noticed there was an issue with Mallory’s kidney.  

“They told me from the beginning she had cysts taking over her kidney. She saw a doctor at LSU in Shreveport, and he basically told me there was no saving it,” explains Katie.  

For the first 4 years of Mallory’s life, everything seemed normal. The only problem was her fever would spike each year, ironically around her birthday, and so she would have tests run to make sure everything was okay. But Katie knew better, and her mom mode kicked into high gear.  

“I was tempted to drive to Houston, Dallas, or pretty much anywhere to figure out what exactly was going on. By the grace of God, I found Dr. Isa Ashoor, a pediatric nephrologist. He and a urologist at Children’s Hospital New Orleans looked at all of Mallory’s medical history and were the ones that told me she didn’t have cysts on her kidney,” says Mallory. “It was actually an obstruction to her kidney, and it made it lose all function. We learned that if they just went in an removed the obstruction when she was younger, doctors would’ve been able to save that kidney.” 

Katie says she had a certain peace of mind about this new discovery in a way. Knowing that cysts are dangerous and could lead to more problems, she knew this was a blessing diagnosis in disguise for Mallory. 

“Dr. Ashoor wouldn’t have been able to do anything once we got to him. He’s been nothing but amazing throughout this journey. We drive to Baton Rouge for checkups, and he’s addressed everything from her high blood pressure to monitoring her A1C,” says Katie. “He even referred us to an endocrinologist and a dietician.” 

That’s when Mallory’s new diet came into play as a prediabetic.  

“It was so comfortable; they didn’t force her to do anything, and they explained everything on her level, and she retained it! Her first appointment was in June of this year, “shares Katie. “They told her she would have to cut out sugary drinks. We were happy to learn she didn’t have to cut out the things she liked to eat but to just eat everything in certain portions like foods high in carbs. She really took it well and has been following the guidelines.” 

“Mallory is a smart teen who never ceases to amaze me with how motivated and intelligent she is,” says Dr. Ashoor. “Against all odds of being born with kidney disease which can have long lasting effects on her health, she has done everything she can to eat healthy, take her medications, and learn about her health condition over the years and has really thrived in school. I can’t wait to see all the things she will accomplish when she grows up!”

Entering into her teenage years this coming February, mom says she is all girl.

“She is getting into the world of makeup and hair,” Katie says with a laugh. “She also wants to play softball this year. Overall, Mallory is living a normal life and going in for checkups once a year.  

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