Story of Healing

Alexander Beaubouef

Iberville Parish


When Alexander Beaubouef was born on March 7, 2012, his head showed some signs of swelling, but it was dismissed as a normal occurrence. 


Alex’s mother, Sara, brought him to his two-week check up with his pediatrician in their hometown of Plaquemine, LA in Iberville Parish, and the swelling had not gone down by then. Alex’s pediatrician took x-rays of his head and referred Alex to a specialist in nearby Baton Rouge.  


Alex was diagnosed with Pediatric Bilateral Coronal Synostosis, a rare abnormality causing a child to have a misshapen skull. The specialist in Baton Rouge referred Alex and his mother to Children’s Hospital New Orleans, where Alex had additional examinations and CAT scans done. His condition was confirmed and plans were made to perform surgery.  


“I was so glad they were able to address Alex’s condition,” shared his mom, Sara. “Many doctors just kept telling me to give his head time to form correctly.” 


Dr. Hugo St. Hilaire, a craniofacial surgeon at Children’s Hospital, and the neurosurgery team, performed surgery and treated Alex for his condition when he was just four months old.  


Alex’s procedure was an endoscopic surgery, which was the least invasive option, where the doctors went in and removed a section of his skull to allow for better formation of his head. The surgery went well, shared Sara, and Alex had to wear a helmet for a year following the surgery.  


“He had to wear his helmet for 23 hours a day for a full year,” recalled Sara. “He would be so excited to take off his helmet for that one hour each day.” 


Following Alex’s surgery, he and his mom would go to Children’s weekly for close monitoring and have any necessary adjustments made to his helmet as Alex’s head continued to change and grow. 


“Everyone at the clinic became family to us,” shared Sara.  


Now that Alex has progressed so positively since his procedure, Alex and Sara visit Children’s every three years for a check-up. Alex received extremely positive news during their most recent visit in November 2020. 


“Alex’s care team indicated that they would probably see us just one more time and if things continue to look good, he could be released,” gushed Sara.  

Alex is a bright nine-year-old, boasting multiple achievements, including being on the Honor Roll and a member of his school’s award-winning Robotics Club. Alex loves to fish and be outdoors, and aspires to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up.  

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