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64 Stories of healing

As Louisiana’s children’s hospital, we are proud to care for children from every parish in the state – from Caddo to Coushatta and Tensas to Tangipahoa. Experience their stories of triumph, victory, and healing.


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Calvin Praetorius' story

West Carroll Parish

Leslie continued to work with Calvin to ensure he was getting the best care at home and have a fighting chance to walk, which thanks to her, he did.

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Mallory Lewis

Red River Parish
I was tempted to drive to Houston, Dallas, or pretty much anywhere to figure out what exactly was going on.

Marley Broom

West Baton Rouge Parish
He arrived at Children’s Hospital in the same condition, but over the next month, miraculously got better.  

Kaitlyn Young

Bienville Parish
Now, you wouldn’t even know that Kaitlyn underwent surgery for a life-threatening heart condition.

Zy’aire Elliot

Union Parish
I was devastated, because they told me 9 out of 10 babies with this don’t make it.

Zoe Reed

St. Mary Parish
A regular at Children’s Hospital New Orleans’ main campus, her nurses, who have been a part of her life for three years now, marvel at her perky disposition and fearlessness in the face of medical adversity.

Holly Humphrey

Webster Parish
Her family says they hope this next hospital visit will end in victory just like the last one, by helping Holly’s seizures dwindle to less or even none at all.