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64 Stories of healing

As Louisiana’s children’s hospital, we are proud to care for children from every parish in the state – from Caddo to Coushatta and Tensas to Tangipahoa. Experience their stories of triumph, victory, and healing.


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Calvin Praetorius' story

West Carroll Parish

Leslie continued to work with Calvin to ensure he was getting the best care at home and have a fighting chance to walk, which thanks to her, he did.

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Madelyn Lance

Franklin Parish
During Madelyn’s newborn screening, she showed signs of hearing loss. That hearing loss got progressively worse, and Ruth says her daughter became deaf.

Hannah Merritt

Cameron Parish
I’m glad for the preventative things that the doctor gave me, because I don’t want surgery and I don’t want a rod in my back.

Ari Dunlap

Madison Parish
When I heard glaucoma I thought, that’s only something that happens in an older person. Then, I read up on it and realized it’s something kids can be born with it, and it changes over time.

Davynee Bearden

Jackson Parish
They know who we are. They remember us. That is something that is important to me. I know they see so many patients, and so many kids and parents, but they still know exactly who we are! So, it’s very personalized.  

Jude Neal

Terrebonne Parish
About a month after the Neals returned home with their baby boy, the call came, the genetics results were in, and it was confirmed that Jude had Alagille syndrome.

Cayden Segura

Vermilion Parish
Though Cayden has faced these rare diagnoses in life, he continues to be resilient.