Imaging Center

In April of 2020, Children’s Hospital New Orleans opened its new, expanded Imaging Center to serve patients from across Louisiana. Our new fully comprehensive space, equipped with the latest imaging technology, in a kid-friendly environment helps our Radiology team to amplify the patient experience. Frank Aymami Photography Frank Aymami Photography

The new center includes two new, state-of-the-art GE Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs), one 3 Tesla and one 1.5 Tesla, with the strength of the magnet and corresponding image resolution being the difference between the two. Both MRIs are part of an Adventure Series developed in partnership with GE that features custom travel-related themes, taking kids around the world and on outer space adventures as they undergo imaging tests.

The space also boasts a new Positron Emission Tomography – Computed Tomography (PET/CT) to better serve patients on campus. The PET/CT takes kids on a pirate adventure, a playful theme that helps to remove some of the fear and anxiety that can come with the imaging process. The Adventure Series continues in the space that houses a new, advanced GE Computed Tomography (CT) machine, along with a whimsical New Orleans theme. Children’s Nuclear Medicine team has also relocated to the new Imaging Center, now located in a fantasy castle-themed space. Frank Aymami Photography

The new Imaging Center

The new Imaging Center houses four new X Ray/Flouroscopy rooms, compared to the previous three, that connect to a spacious and bright Radiology Technologist workspace, creating an optimal work environment. Each room also includes an adjoining dressing room, improving privacy and overall experience for patients and families. The two spacious ultrasound rooms in the new center were also designed with experience in mind, featuring private bathrooms and a spacious and soothing environment. Frank Aymami Photography

The workspace for team members has also vastly improved in the new center, including a new, expanded radiologist reading room with expanded footprint and dedicated space for each radiologist. The center also features dedicated multipurpose space for education, consultation and collaboration.

The space brings together our top experts in pediatric radiology with the advanced technology they need to provide precise and safe imaging for our patients, in an environment that is child friendly at every level. We now have a space that amplifies the breadth of experience offered by our radiology team. The innovative imaging technology at Children’s Hospital New Orleans further enhances our ability to provide expert care, in a calming environment that is designed just for kids.